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Faculty of 1000 evaluations.

'Slings' enable neutrophil rolling at high shear (2012).

Protein kinase A governs a RhoA-RhoGDI protrusion-retraction pacemaker in migrating cells (2011).

Visualizing a one-way protein encounter complex by ultrafast single-molecule mixing (2011).

Self-organization in high-density bacterial colonies: efficient crowd control (2007).

Research journals and magazines.

"Chemoattractant Signaling in Dictyostelium: Adaptation and Amplifi cation", By Pablo Iglesias, Science Signaling 5 (213), pe8 (2012) PDF

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“Turbulence without inertia”, by Ronald G. Larson, Nature 405, pp. 27-28 (2000) PDF

 On-line media and newspapers.

"How Does The Immune System Power Inflammation?", Medical News Today, July 5, 2012

"Key Step in Immune System-Fueled Inflammation Discovered", ScienceDaily, July 1, 2012

Watching single molecules under flow”, Research Journal Highlights, Nature Methods, Feb. 7, 2011

Researchers Develop Method to Study Transiently Folded Proteins, GEN news highlights: Feb. 9, 2011

Understanding Biofilms”, by Amy Proal, Bacteriality: exploring chronic decease, 2008

Microfluidic device may reveal ways to fight antibiotic-resistant biofilms”, Medical News Today, November 14, 2007

Together we stand: bacteria organize to survive hostile zones”,, November 13, 2007 

Efficient crowd control in bacterial colonies”,  ScienceDaily, Oct. 31, 2007  

Slime city reveals how bacteria cooperate”, MSNBC Technology and Science, November 20, 2007

Bacterial crowd control”, MicorbiologyBytes, December 21, 2007

Welcome to the Micro-Hotel California”, Dec 2, 2007  

Self-organisation among bacteria”, by Thomas Hesselberg, Life of Science, October 31, 2007

Microfluidic chip helps solve cellular mating puzzle”, EurekaAlert, February 2007 

Cross-flow microdevice enables plasma separation”,, June 19, 2006 Triangles form one-way channels”, Technology Research News, March 24, 2004,

Femtosecond Laser Brings 3-D to Microfluidics”, Photonics Spectra, August 2005

 “Liquid Diode designed”, SETSquared, April 5, 2004

Microfluids change direction”, Physics Web, June 2004

Panschen im Kleinen: Fliesskontrolle und Datenspeicher mit flussigen Polymeren” (In German. “Splashes in small: flow control and data storage with liquid polymers”), Wissenschaft-online, May 9, 2003

’Simple, cheap technology’ hold huge promise”, by United Press International, SmallTimes news report, May 2003

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Diabetes Therapies and Liquid Memory May Develop from Micro Fluid Research, Science Researchers Say”,  American Association for the Advancement of Science news report, 8 May 2003  

Microfluidics go nonlinear”, Technology Research News, May 29, 2003  

Turbulence turns elastic”, Physics Web, May 5, 2000